Equity Health Services COVID-19 Training provides your business access to a highly professional team of advisors and provision of any equipment you might need to operate safely and effectively. Equity Health Services provides a tailored COVID-19 training course that matches your specific needs. Our expert team has experience across multiple sectors, including government, healthcare, oil and gas, food processing, hospitality and tourism, not-for-profit, and mining and resources. Your business will have access to some of the top healthcare professionals in Alberta to answer your questions. Equity Health Services will also provide your business with any physical products you need including signage, barriers, and unlimited access to all personal protective equipment needed.

Our goal is to help you re-open (or stay open) safely and avoid further business interruption (and potential for representational damage) due to a COVID-19 outbreak. To help you with this we offer two things; 1. Products and Services to Protect your Employees and Business, 2. Expertise and Guidance from expert professionals.

What you get:

1. Products and Services to Protect your Employees and Business

•            We can fully supply, at any scale, any Personal Protective Equipment, know as (PPE).

•            You would have access to: N95 Masks, KN95 Masks, Disposable Medical Masks, Level 1-2-3-4 Gowns, Gloves, Sanitizer, thermometers, and face shields.

•            We can provide you signage, barriers tailored to your situation.

•            We can provide you systems such as; ventilation systems, physical barriers, and drive-through/curb side pick ups.

2. Expertise and Guidance from Professional’s

•            Overview and information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

•            Learn about how you as a business can respond properly to COVID-19.

•            Tailored lesson on how to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

•            Discuss how to maintain healthy business operations through the use of well-communicated policies and practices based on your specific situation.

•            Advisement on how to maintain a healthy work environment through the use of proper engineering controls, handwashing and cleaning.

On top of the above offerings, our advising team will help you navigate problems like how to not bring the virus home, taking public transportation, properly clean work clothes, eating out and shopping, interacting with pets, and any other specific issues or concerns your business might have.

Having employees physically return to work, and servicing customers on site, this means you must identify and mitigate COVID-19 workplace risks. To re-start and maintain safe operation, businesses must ensure the right action plans, protocols, and supports are in place and being effectively executed. We can help you navigate and reduce your risks.