Emergency Infastructure

Emergency infrastructure such as hospitals, respiratory clinics, and remote health solutions

Equity Health Services field-proven mobile medical facilities are available in either soft-skin (tented) or hard-skin (modular) configurations and can be delivered to remote, challenging, and under-resourced areas anywhere in the world. All of our Mobile Medical Facilities are pre-built and tested prior to being shipped, and a 100-bed mobile hospital can be assembled and operational within 72 hours of arriving on site.

We have unparalleled experience in developing solutions and delivering best-in-class healthcare services where traditional models of care are not available or are inappropriate. Our mobile solutions supplement and support local infrastructure and programs, thereby ensuring that services remain consistent, and that local governments have the flexibility to meet the specific demands of communities in need.

•            Tented and Modular field-proven medical facilities

•            Can be delivered to remote, challenging or under-resources areas across the globe

•            Pre-build mobile facilities that can be operational within 72 hours of arriving on site

•            Besi-in-class health care services using non-traditional care models